Tonight’s outfit 😁

dear god in heaven


Tonight’s outfit 😁

dear god in heaven

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gonna be honest, that’s one of the reasons i’ve backed off my tumblr usage.

the people who feel the need to anonymously pick you apart behind a computer screen.

the fact that you don’t have to own up to anything to say. it’s sheer ignorance and unnecessary hostility.

when i make a read more post, it’s to vent. this is a journal of sorts to me. i’m not inviting fuckery about why i’m single and why i’ll remain single. 

or you know, at least send me something un-anonymously and we can discuss it like grown ups

shoutout to the dumbass who kept sending me anon hate, that when i turned anon off, they went through the process to send me an anonymous SUBMISSION detailing why they feel my ex dropped me.

just unfollow me lol it’s not that serious if you really don’t fuck with me. it’s clown shit to keep finding ways to anonymous attempt to put me down, are you 16?

one bright spot lately;

i’ve developed a really kinky side to me that i’m actually confident in.

like i’m confident i can turn a girl on.